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As a participant of GSSoC '21

As a participant of GSSoC '21

Raising an issue (either for a bug or a feature), and making PR can also be an interesting task, I learned from GSSoC '21

GSSoC '21 has close to an end now. And as the banner says, I was a participant of GSSoC '21. In this blog, I will share my experience of GSSoC '21. But before I start discussing What I did? let us discuss What is a GSSoC?

About GSSoC?

GSSoC (or GirlScript Summer of Code) is a 3 month long Open Source program. In which they encourage everyone, from beginners to advance, toward Open Source Development.

During these 3 months, they keep organizing knowledge-based sessions, for every kind of participant. This time, from my knowledge they organized a session for beginners, to help them to make their first PR, then a session for using LinkedIn effectively. These were the sessions, which I had attended. Else they had organized other sessions too.

Yeah, that's all. I think this knowledge of GSSoC is enough for this blog. let us discuss What I did in GSSoC'21?

What did I do?

GSSoC is an amazing program, but what I think (from my viewpoint) its schedule might not be good for many students. As It starts in March and continued till May. And during this time, I was taking my lectures, submitting various types of assignments, turning in various types of tests (Google Classroom). So I was not very active.

But I had made 5 PRs, in 4 projects. And as I was learning ReactJs for my SE project, so my PRs were for ReactJs projects. Now I think, I should share something about my PRs.

About my PRs

My first PR was for a feature, which I had raised as an issue. I had added the favicon and App title in DhairyaBahl/React-Messenger-App project.

And my last PR was also in DhairyaBahl/React-Messenger-App project. This was for a bug, which I had raised. The bug was - On routing different paths, the app was reloading. So I had made PR for that.

The second PR, I had made for ayan-biswas0412/gssoc2021-HotelOnTouch project. This was also for a bug, the bug was - reloading problem on different paths (first I had found a reloading bug for this project and then for the DhairyaBahl project).

And the third PR, I had made in Manthan933/Manthan project. And this was also for a bug. I had described the bug something like this:


And then, I made PR for this issue.

My second last PR was in CodeTrophs/Frontend project. This PR was for a feature, or you can say for an improvement. The structure of the PR message was something like this:


First, I described what was the issue, this PR would close which Issue. And then described the changes that I had made.

These were the PRs, that had got merged. But there was one more issue, which I had raised in Algo-Phantoms/Algo-Tree. But due to some reasons, I couldn't work on it.

That's all

Thanks for reading it till the end.

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